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November 2020

Striatal direct and indirect pathway neurons differentially control the encoding and updating of goal-directed learning

James Peak, Billy Chieng, Genevra Hart, Bernard W Balleine

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October 2020

Amygdala-Cortical Control of Striatal Plasticity Drives the Acquisition of Goal-Directed Action

Simon D. Fisher, Lachlan A. Ferguson, Jesus Bertran-Gonzalez, Bernard W. Balleine

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August 2020

Goal-directed actions transiently depend on dorsal hippocampus

Laura A. Bradfield, Beatrice K. Leung, Susan Boldt, Sophia Liang, Bernard W. Balleine

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June 2020

Basolateral Amygdala Drives a GPCR-Mediated Striatal Memory Necessary for Predictive Learning to Influence Choice

Ashleigh K. Morse, Beatrice K. Leung, Emily Heath, Jesus Bertran-Gonzalez, Elise Pepin, Billy C. Cheng, Bernard W. Balleine, Vincent Laurent

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March 2020

Intact Corticostriatal Control of Goal-Directed Action in Alcohol Use Disorder: A Pavlovian-to-instrumental Transfer and Outcome-Devaluation

Tim Van Timmeren, Stephanie L Quail, Bernard W Balleine, Dirk E M Geurts, Anna E Goudrian, Ruth J van Holst

New Article

January 2020

Local and dynamic D2- to D1-neuron modulation in the striatum is necessary for reshaping goal-directed learning.

Miriam Matamales, Alice E. McGovern, Jia Dai Mi, Stuart B. Mazzone, Bernard W. Balleine, Jesus Bertran-Gonzalez


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