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Jonathon Jacobs

PhD Candidate


  • Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering), University of Western Australia (2017)

  • Graduate Diploma in Psychology, University of New South Wales (2020)

  • Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours), University of New South Wales (2021)

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Research interests

Instrumental learning is a fundamental aspect of successful environmental adaption; however, a complete view of precisely how these signals emerge and evolve in the brain over space and time remains elusive. The striatum, the entry gate to the basal ganglia, has shown to play a central role in integrating the learning necessary for the formation of action-outcome contingencies that shape future goal-directed behaviour. My PhD research builds on this literature, aiming to reveal characteristic spatio-temporal molecular activation motifs in the striatum that represent the encoding of pure instrumental learning signatures and predict future behavioural adaption. I am approaching this through employing a combination of established behavioural protocols in mice, a novel genetically-encoded fluorescent kinase translocation reporter, and high-throughput analysis techniques.

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