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Joanne Gladding

PhD Candidate


  • Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) , University New South Wales Sydney (2015)

  • Bachelor of Science (Psychological Science), University of Western Australia (2012-2014)

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Research interests

I am a PhD candidate interested in the how cognitive processes are impaired as a result of obesity. Using rodent models, my research is currently focused on investigating the role of the insulin receptor, and insulin resistance, in appetitive learning, hippocampal-dependent memory, and decision-making. It aims to outline how dietary induced obesity and subsequent central insulin resistance 1) impacts transport of insulin across the blood-brain barrier and 2) disrupts goal-directed appetitive behaviours. I use Pavlovian-instrumental transfer paradigms, viral techniques, and transgenics to carry out these investigations. More broadly, I am interested in the translation between neuroscientific advances and public health prevention for obesity related/induced dementias and cognitive decline.


  • Gladding, J. G., Abbott, K. N., Antoniadis, C. P., Stuart, A., and Begg, D. P. (2018) The effect of intrahippocampal insulin infusion on spatial cognitive function and markers of neuroinflammation in diet-induced obesity. Front Endocrinol.  Read More.

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