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Discovering how the brain

makes and takes action


January 2023

New Article

Goal-directed action is transiently impaired in a hAPP-J20 mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease

Amolika Dhungana, Serena Becchi, Jessica Leake, Gary Morris, Nesli Avgan, Bernard W. Balleine, Bryce Vissel and Laura A. Bradfield


December 2022

New Article

What does dopamine release reveal about latent inhibition?

Thomas J. Burton, Genevra Hart, Bernard W. Balleine

Learning & Behavior

December 2022

New Article

The motivational determinants of human action, their neural bases and functional impact in adolescents with OCD

Iain E. Perkes, Richard W. Morris, Kristi R. Griffiths, Stephanie Quail, Felicity Waters, Margo O’Brien, Philip L. Hazell, Bernard W. Balleine

Biological Psychiatry Global Open Science

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