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makes and takes action


November 2022

New Article

The positive valence system, adaptive behaviour and the origins of reward

Thomas J. Burton and Bernard W. Balleine

Emerging Topics in Life Sciences, ETLS20220007

October 2022

New Article

Response-independent outcome presentations weaken the instrumental response-outcome association.

Byron Crimmins, Thomas J Burton, Molly McNulty, Vincent Laurent, Genevra Hart, Bernard W Balleine

Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Learning and Cognition, 48(4), 396–412.

October 2022

New Article

Food for thought: diet-induced impairments to decision-making and amelioration by N-acetylcysteine in male rats

Serena Becchi, Joshua Hood, Michael D. Kendig, Aida Mohammadkhani, Megan L. Shipman, Bernard W. Balleine, Stephanie L. Borgland & Laura H. Corbit

Psychopharmacology volume 239, pages3495–3506