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July 2021

New Article

Acquisition and extinction of second-order context conditioned fear: Role of the amygdala

Nura W. Lingawi, Vincent Laurent, R. Frederick Westbrook, Nathan M. Holmes

Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, Volume 183, September 2021, 107485

July 2021

New Article

General Pavlovian-instrumental transfer tests reveal selective inhibition of the response type – whether Pavlovian or instrumental – performed during extinction

Vincent Laurent, Progya Priya, Byron E. Crimmins, Bernard W. Balleine

Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, Volume 183, 107483

June 2021

New Article

Does disrupting the orbitofrontal cortex alter sensitivity to punishment? A potential mechanism of compulsivity.

Karly M. Turner, Bernard W. Balleine, Laura A. Bradfield

Behavioral Neuroscience, 135(2), 174–181