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Discovering how the brain

makes and takes action


August 2023

New Article

Immp2l knockdown in male mice increases stimulus-driven instrumental behaviour but does not alter goal-directed learning or neuron density in cortico-striatal circuits in a model of Tourette syndrome and autism spectrum disorder

Beatrice K. Leung, Sam Merlin, Adam K. Walker, Adam J. Lawther, George Paxinos, Valsamma Eapen, Raymond Clarke, Bernard W. Balleine, Teri M. Furlong

Behavioural Brain Research, Volume 452, 114610

July 2023

New Article

High fat diet allows food-predictive stimuli to energize action performance in the absence of hunger, without distorting insulin signaling on accumbal cholinergic interneurons

Joanne M Gladding, Nura W Lingawi, Beatrice K Leung, Michael D Kendig, Billy C Chieng, Vincent Laurent

Appetite, 106769.

May 2023

New Article

Restoring the youthful state of striatal plasticity in aged mice re-enables cognitive control of action

Jesus Bertran-Gonzalez, Caroline Dinale, Miriam Matamales

Current Biology, 33, 1-11

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